Step 1

Setting the specifications. We study the feasibility. The manufacturing process is developed. A prototype is produced.


Step 2

Erode's drawing office designs the various tools in 3D. Tools are made in our own workshop. Erode also offers to work on the setting tools for putting the pieces into place (e.g. setting dies for rivets, compacting tool for powder cups)


Step 3

We start a test production, and make the final adjustments. Our technicians in charge of the quality write control procedures in order to avoid any risk of non conformity.


Step 4

Manufacturing: The pieces are produced by cutting, stamping, embossing. The automatic assembling machines complete the process and the raw pieces can then be directed to the polishing and finishing workshop.


Step 5

Finishing: The pieces are highly polished in barrels or vibrofinishing machines then receive a protective or decorative coat by electroplating or lacquering.